Monday, October 10, 2011

Belfast Rocks the Dempsey Challenge!!

Team Belfast - Dan, Heide, Greg, Ken, Norman, Cyndie, Margot, Jane, Heather and Martha
10 riders from the Belfast club embarked on 50 and 100 mile journeys yesterday at the 3rd annual Dempsey Challenge. What started out as a shady and crisp day, quickly turned to sunny and absolutely beautiful day to ride. The Belfast crew raised almost $4000 and total, the event raised over $1 million for the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing.

Amongst the ranks of the Belfast team is Cynthia Martell of Belfast, ME.
Cyndie, a cancer survivor, was the true inspiration for the entire team and she Rocked the 100 mile ride!! Her husband Will ran the 10k the day before and her entire family were there on Sunday to cheer us all on!!

Cyndie, Patrick and Jane

Simply the Best

Monday, October 3, 2011

the face of Cadillac

Eric Olds snapped this self portrait on his ascent of Cadillac Mt. yesterday afternoon during the 20th anniversary Cadillac Challenge. His expression says it all as he battled the climb, the wind and the blinding fog.

Cadillac Challenge - 20th anniversary

Despite rain, wind and heavy fog, 7 local riders made the journey over to MDI on Sunday, Oct. 2 for the 20th anniversary edition of the Cadillac Challenge. The ride started off in rain which eventually tapered off for awhile, then came back. It was an off and on kind of day - rain and wind, with some moments of calm. The surf slamming the rocky shoreline along the Park Loop road was quite a site. Due to poor visibility (none) and heavy winds, the official end of the ride was moved off the top of Cadillac Mt. That didn't stop us from riding up there. As expected, the views from the top were nil.

All in all, a great day of riding with some old friends and some new ones - the best part of the Cadillac Challenge. And a new tradition was born I think - dinner and beers afterwards at Atlantic Brewing / Mainely Meat, just down the road. Hope to see you next year!!

Pictured left to right - Chris G., Derek N., Morgan L., Eric O., Greg P-B. (Not pictured, Norman M. (taking photo), Karl A. (climbing Cadillac)