Saturday, November 6, 2010

Why you should support your LBS

Back in March, I bought a Cannondale MTB from Belfast Bicycles

A couple of weekends ago, this happened:

I called up Mike and asked him if he thought it might be covered under warranty. He said bring in the bike and he'd check.
About an hour after I dropped it off, he emailed me saying SRAM would be sending a warranty replacement derailleur. Wow!

About 2 hours ago, I picked up my bike from Mike. He'd contacted SRAM, worked out the warranty, installed the derailleur and a new hanger, replaced the cable and a few bent chain links. I asked him what I owed for the repair. He said nothing. Wow!

Sure, I buy some bike stuff online, but it is hard to dispute the value of shopping locally, especially with that level of service.

Thanks Mike!

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