Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Long ride Sunday

Some of us will be doing a ride to Unity and back via Freedom and Palermo/Level Hill/Rt.3 this Sunday. This is the route I posted last week,about 71 miles. We're going to leave at 7 AM, and there are, as always, shorter routes back. Looks like the century isn't happening Saturday- if anyone has any thoughts re:rescheduling this, lets toss some ideas around. We should at the very least have some form of club get together, whether we do a ride or not. Discuss... Ken


  1. considering it. really depends on what the family plans are for this weekend. Might meet you guys out on route - would the intersection of Rts 7 & 131 work? Maybe I should check the route.

  2. Yes, we'll be going through there on the way over 203 to Valley Rd. If we leave at 7, that's 7-8 miles out, so around 25 minutes for us to go through there?